THAT woman!

Why can't everyone be the same all the time? Exactly that's the question I've on my mind at this moment. I wonder if it's the woman in me questioning. I can get angry in a jiffy, happy in a moment, I can be nagging, irrational, irritating and ruthless specially during my THAT time of the [...]

Pad man(ia)

Well! As the first step, I decided to try my hand at reviewing movies and the whole Universe conspired to help me do that. Here's my opinion on a Bollywood movie Padman. I got a chance to book a ticket on the day of it's release itself. It's based on the story of a person [...]

My take on motivational books!

I have always been an avid reader of books of various genres. Thanks to my father and mother, because of whom I’ve developed an affinity towards books. All these years, I’ve tried quite a number of genres except the motivational books. I still get the involuntary frown on my face the moment someone suggests that [...]

Relationship Detox

Your task is not to seek love, but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it - Rumi "Thank God", I thanked the God when I got to know that my ex-boss left the organization. "Good riddance!" I told myself when I heard that a colleague of mine [...]

Three things we shouldn’t do because someone else is…

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style - Maya Angelou Sometimes life gets us into crossroads where we have the pressure to take a decision about something that is very important. In such cases, it's often [...]

Being ME!

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself - Coco Chanel Sometimes, being YOU is the hardest decision anyone can make in their lifetime. Needless to say that since childhood we have been taught to please others. Being nice to others in spite of what we have in mind is all what we were [...]

5. It’s just us!

We stayed at the venue for three more hours and we headed home, rather the house where we stay. As she drove the car, we passed by the Nut café, with a tag line, we drive you nuts! It’s a simple and well lit bistro with sea green and white themed décor. I met her [...]

1. Bella Donna!

“Hi! I’m Izabelle, you can call me Bella.” She introduced herself. Mesmerizing eyes and shoulder length hair that curls like waves of an ocean of darkness, with high tides that steal your sight for a moment from that beautiful eyes – that’s all I remember. She has something… indeed she’s something! “MIKE… MIKE!”, any plans [...]

10: It’s a temple and not an empty template!

It's never easy... Here’s what I’ve got while I was drowning myself in an ocean of caffeine.  After looking at a good number of magazines or reading a decent number of health and nutrition-related books and troubling my body to undergo my impulsive transformation expecting high returns on my zero investment of time – ‘Body is [...]

7. Fitness goals: Heights of H2O

#I wanted to inaugurate my fitness regime with water. I always used to think that water is an overhyped ingredient of fitness. Eventually, I got to realize that maybe it's even undermined. Wikipedia describes water as a colorless chemical substance. However, we did underestimate the advantages of this magic potion. After being ridiculed by my [...]

4.Back to basics

Well its my first trial to be fit, apparently I'm not an obese looking person, I would say I'm plump and like majority of people I have fat stacked in unwanted places , which can be covered, got me into a situation "NOW or NEVER" so I decided that I should give a serious [...]

3.Think O Mania

Yes..! after I questioned myself of all the possible questions in the world I sat down with a big mug of coffee troubling myself and lost in thoughts and that drove me crazy. If we take it from the time our grandparents were just born, food was the integral part of human life and it [...]

2. Unmasked..!

After so many years of incomplete trials to look fit and healthy , I still used to feel that the weighing machine is wrong , or its showing over weight ( lol surprisingly the thought of underweight never clicked in my biased mind). Everytime I see a friend or an acquaintance I get to hear, [...]

What should he do?

Once upon a time there was a mighty merchant named Meru. He was young, vibrant and intelligent. I should say an eligible bachelor in that town. His acumen jus amazed people and his knowledge has no boundaries. The best part is he could strike a conversation with anyone on any subject. Meru's parents were not [...]