4.Back to basics

Well its my first trial to be fit, apparently I'm not an obese looking person, I would say I'm plump and like majority of people I have fat stacked in unwanted places , which can be covered, but..it got me into a situation "NOW or NEVER" so I decided that I should give a serious [...]

3.Think O Mania

Yes..! after I questioned myself of all the possible questions in the world I sat down with a big mug of coffee troubling myself and lost in thoughts and that drove me crazy. If we take it from the time our grandparents were just born, food was the integral part of human life and it [...]

2. Unmasked..!

After so many years of incomplete trials to look fit and healthy , I still used to feel that the weighing machine is wrong , or its showing over weight ( lol surprisingly the thought of underweight never clicked in my biased mind). Everytime I see a friend or an acquaintance I get to hear, [...]

1: Weight attack

Yes..Absolutely..weight attack it iz, never realized till I struggled fitting into my favorite dress. Lemme give some background to it, I remember the days I was as thin as a stick, when I was in school, the days where mom had to reach to the last loop of my skirt and still it would be [...]