1: Weight attack

Yes..Absolutely..weight attack it iz, never realized till I struggled fitting into my favorite dress. Lemme give some background to it, I remember the days I was as thin as a stick, when I was in school, the days where mom had to reach to the last loop of my skirt and still it would be loose,days passed and slowly my appetite increased and by the time I realized I was already 4 kg heavier, ma mom always thought its due to my age and harmones, but if i think of it now I attribute it to my food habits purely my food habits..yes .. as long as we have pampering moms and grandmoms, its always the variety of foods we eat and we were fed..so thats how it all started…my weight attack..Everytime I try to give it a thought I utterly fail, so I think I will start my journey and pen down my thoughts, fears,achievements..So here you go guys..my journey to look fit and healthy…

Happiness is health….

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