2. Unmasked..!

After so many years of incomplete trials to look fit and healthy , I still used to feel that the weighing machine is wrong , or its showing over weight ( lol surprisingly the thought of underweight never clicked in my biased mind). Everytime I see a friend or an acquaintance I get to hear, ” Oh darling..! you look plump” or “Babe..! its time to hit the gym” “why don’t you try yoga?” ” whats wrong with you? is this your younger sister’s dress?” what not, and my usual answer is ” sometimes I look plum, and its all because of the dress Im wearing or the hair do or my make up” or ” I know you are kidding” ” I checked my weight and I actually lost 3 kg last week” , I guess all of us must be using at least one of these reasons..dont we? Finally..the worst had happened, everytime I visit home my mom comes with a weighing scale which my dad gifted her in order to keep her occupied, and it scares me to go home at times.However, now, after years passed I think it’s because of maturity levels or the harmone levels rushing high, my replies started changing to ” May be guys..I have put on a little weight” ” Does that really matter boy?” ” I love being plump” , the point here is does appearance really matter? How does being plump, fat, chubby ,thin got to do with our personality ? Who am I trying to impress? and what do I actually want and from who..?

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