3.Think O Mania

Yes..! after I questioned myself of all the possible questions in the world I sat down with a big mug of coffee troubling myself and lost in thoughts and that drove me crazy. If we take it from the time our grandparents were just born, food was the integral part of human life and it still is, and every part of the world has their own traditional meals. Some used to eat a 10 course meal and some used to eat a 2 course meal which is high carb, however, neither they had problems regarding health nor they are bothered about being obese. After so much of thinking process I finally started blaming so many things, on one hand its the technology which is rocketing and on the other hand the media. High carb, low carb, high and low proteins, vitamins and all such fancy things have come into picture now. Was ignorance a boon for mankind, well it could have been ,like an older proverb, too much of anything is dangerous. Its all convienience of people , and thats how we modified the traditional food habits and got used to the current ones. We got habituated to some because they are easy to cook, some because of taste, some because of cheaper prices and it all depends on the individual’s take though. That is the only reason why organic foods have stolen the market and thats how mom made pickles cost us so much. We forgot about our food culture and adapted a new culture. Is this what we are passing on to our future generations? Worth giving a thought isn’t it…

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