4.Back to basics

Well its my first trial to be fit, apparently I’m not an obese looking person, I would say I’m plump and like majority of people I have fat stacked in unwanted places , which can be covered, but..it got me into a situation “NOW or NEVER” so I decided that I should give a serious thought about all this, however, its not as easy as I thought. So, as a first step I started to search all kinds of websites to find out some tips and tricks.Thats how my weight loss itch has started. Everywhere I see its the theory and its me who has to struggle. So I started thinking today I will eat less,in my day 1 of weight loss regime I had some fruit in the morning, which was followed by 250 ml of grape juice and then it didnt stop there,the more I decided not to eat anything the more I started hogging on anything I see. I would say it is rather tough for me in all the ways. By the end of day 1 I already had eaten the food adequate for three days.Stay tuned guys..! to be a part of my weight loss encounters…!

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