5. It’s better late than never!

Writing almost after 3 years. Surprised how life changes. Like people say age is not just a number friends! Age is wisdom (well! Not speaking about the ones that never grow up), age is the experiences we have in the process of growing up, age is an evolution of us as a person, a better version of YOU, compared to the last year. Here I am, after 3 years, with better resources, better examples, better explanations and yes of course with an increased weight. Over the past 3 years, I’ve learned a lot as an individual, professionally and personally, explored new horizons and that’s where I learned I can write and I can draw and I can actually tell better stories that can keep you busy with. Join me in my journey, not just to lose weight, but to understand what are the phases we go through as individuals in the chase of improving ourselves. I’ve given 365 days to myself to deal with many of my issues. Let the journey begin!

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