6. The big list

As I approach my 30, I wanted to make some changes in many things. Not that I haven’t changed over years, yet, there’s nothing wrong in aiming to see a better YOU. Hope you will agree with me. I decided to make a list of things I want to learn/change/adapt in myself and I would like to take them slowly and make changes one at a time. As expected my list has turned out to be very long, yet, here’s an excerpt of the important things from my library:

1. Fitness – When I was a kid, my mom always emphasized on staying fit and she took a special interest in my teen years. As time passed, I totally neglected the importance of staying fit. Over the years, I’ve just added kgs to my weighing scale. So, this fitness is the first thing to be addressed on my list of things to do.

2. Personal grooming – Teens and early twenties are the times where you look cute with minimum effort or even no effort. Though it’s second on my list, it carries equal importance as the fitness.

3. Finances – We teach kids math, science or for that matter social etc. when they are at school. In this process, we forget to teach them the most important lessons of life i.e., financial planning. At this stage, I should say I’m good with it but I want to be better.

4. Relationships – It’s time I revisit my relationships with my family, friends, cousins, colleagues.

So as to summarize, I’ve got a hell lot of work to do on many fronts and I’ll try to categorize the posts I’m going to do on these four criteria.

Stay tuned to more updates!  #howiturned30 


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