8. Grooming: I didn’t do it!

Well! I certainly did it! Would like to write about how I spent my weekend. Grooming is one of the criteria in my to-do list for this year. I did have my share of problems figuring out what does grooming exactly mean. It reminds me of the first time I ever applied lipstick in my 29 years, such a feeling is it? Makeup has become a necessity to all of us who land up in these corporate jobs. With the availability of various brands, and the online shopping sites to haunt us till you end up buying, I should say our shopping orientations have been changed. Publicity of various is getting us into a trance where we create a pseudo necessity i.e., a false requirement, in simple words – you don’t need it yet you buy that.  That’s what I’ve done, I come from a small town where applying a lipstick is a luxury and yet, I managed to get my hands on a variety of products, thanks to the job I’ve taken up in the city, I still remember the first time I’ve applied something on my face, it’s fun you see. To see a pretty YOU. However, I should say makeup products have changed my outlook, initially i.e., in my early twenties I used to think I should look natural and I never applied any make up, Just wake up get ready ( take shower) find a dress where I was not even bothered about the condition of the dress or matching and wear my sport shoes and rush to work. Thanks to the age and the modernization, and to all such friends who encourage us to do something to our face 🙂 This weekend is no different from my other weekends, I ended up shopping online for another 2 grand, now I’m worried about putting them to use.

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