9: Rise and shine!

While I’m trying to stay hydrated with one liter of water a day, I’ve got bigger troubles to handle. THE MAKEUP Monster, I’m neither a makeup junkie nor a beauty product freak. Yet, I understood that beauty products are the important things we should spend some part of our bucks. Be it a bad morning, or a busy afternoon, can also be a party evening, maybe an obligatory dinner… there’s nothing in this world a best make up product cannot fix. Did I exaggerate? Hell, not! 

Let me show you my way into the world of makeup – Being brought up in a semi-conservative family and being a small town girl, makeup was a taboo when I was a kid. People hardly use makeup or they even hardly speak about it. I was introduced by my mother to lip shades, I still remember using her lipsticks when she’s not around, I’m sure most of you must’ve done it. I used to apply a lipstick and wonder something has really changed. As a matter of fact, our face needs more than a lip color to be presentable. After some years of research these are different phases of makeup routines in my life:

Stage 1:  As the name suggests, I used to use only kohl on the waterline, with a lighter shade or probably transparent lip color. Pocket-friendly for a fresher’s paycheck.  Though it’s not my daily thing, I used to do it three to four times in a week. The kohl and this light lipstick were some thrifty stuff I got from a street vendor. Never bothered about the brand then, with an impression that it doesn’t make much difference.

Stage 2:  As my pay increased, the budget for my makeup increased too.  I started looking for branded kohl, Maybelline, Lakme came to my rescue, manufacturing the kohl which is still pocket-friendly yet branded.  So this is phase 2 where makeup becomes your routine, which is you are always seen with kohl and still with a lighter shade of lipstick where no one even notices that you are wearing one.

Stage 3:  As you reach the mid-20s you get the confidence to carry yourself with the basics of makeup, so you tend to experiment with lip shades. Starting with a bit darker shades than my natural shade, I’ve tried applying all new shades in the market, from bright reds to browns and pinks. Should say it’s fun. Dark lip shades, mostly matte, foundation replaced by the gifted BB creams 🙂 and gray, black, brown kohl.

Stage 4: Now, as I got this bug of makeup, I did some research on good makeup products, and I’ve got a basic idea on what’s it all about and how can it change the way someone looks. Thanks to Bobbi Brown and websites like Glamrs and Vogue magazines for revolutionizing the way we apply makeup.  After all these years I realized that I’ve been applying lipsticks or BB creams or foundation in a wrong way. I realized the importance of concealer. In my endeavors to explore, I’ve tried the basic concealer, I bought from a thrifty store and it ended up being caky and sick. So I decided there’s more to explore on this front.




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