10: It’s a temple and not an empty template!

It’s never easy… Here’s what I’ve got while I was drowning myself in an ocean of caffeine.  After looking at a good number of magazines or reading a decent number of health and nutrition-related books and troubling my body to undergo my impulsive transformation expecting high returns on my zero investment of time – ‘Body is a temple’, like someone rightly said. This is the first thing we have to tell ourselves. Despite being neglected and ill-treated by us, our body still supports us and quickly gets adjusted to the change.

Be it a crash diet or a rigorous workout, low or no maintenance, we are blessed to have such an understanding temple. My suggestion to everyone would be, don’t go by any authors or books or doctors or your neighborhood aunties. It’s your body and it’s time you make your own rules.

Unlike other things, our body has a wonderful way of communicating with us. It’s the primary whistleblower when there’s a danger. Understand what your body needs plan your diet and exercise.

Provide the basic nutrients your body needs and the basic care your body deserves.

Remember! Our body deserves to be respected.


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