11: I’m caffeinated!

Freshly brewed black coffee! As I say that, my senses have been activated. I always used to wonder how the world would’ve been if there’s no coffee. And my response would be like the filmy ‘No’! Who thought that grinding a bunch of ugly looking black beans could stir such a concoction that could take the takers into a trance?

Getting back to the basics, the word ‘coffee’ is derived from an Arabic word ‘qahwah’ – used to address a type of wine. For generations, this had been used as stimulant and appetite suppressant.  And then happened the magic potion ‘coffee’ with a double ‘f’ and double ‘e’ to emphasize the strength of it.

In layman terms, here’s what coffee has done to me… It still reminds me of the days when my aunt used to mix a spoon of coffee to a glass of milk to make the kid ‘ME’ believe that I’m drinking coffee. I never had the privilege to drink coffee while growing up, in fact, I never liked the taste.

Here comes the time where I started working and yes, as we all know corporates drown us in the ocean of coffee which would eventually make us the caffeine addicts as it’s available for zero cost. Then comes the actual partners in crime, the fancy coffee houses with incredible ambiance, charging you for the coffee, and the service and the ambiance and the tax and what not.

After being pro-caffeinated, all I understand is that coffee stimulates my mind and spikes my adrenaline levels, making me excited and over anxious. Though it’s not possible to leave this magic potion for all the good, it’s better to limit your intake. Else, on a long run, it affects your physical and mental strength.

Yours truly,

A Coffee Lover



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