12: ‘#Metoo’

I see ‘me too’ messages all over social networking. Well, unfortunately I don’t know how to react. To be happy that it’s not just me or to be sad that there are more and more #me toos coming into the light and many more #me toos still wrapped in a cosy blanket and will never come out. On this note I’d like to remind many of my friends that auto rides we’ve taken after 10:00 pm at night where the autowala bhaiya (brother) helped us to reach home/hostel/pub/movie safely and quickly without even surge pricing! That cab driver uncle who took drove us home only on the main roads as there were no street lights in some smaller roads, inspite of it being the longer route! That ambulance granpa who came all the way to our house to help our dying grand mother, at 2:00 am! That shop owner chacha (uncle) who asked us to sit in his shop till the last shuttle of your nightshift arrived! That juice corner bhai (bro) who gave is an extra mango smoothie without charging an extra penny at 11:00 PM! That friendzoned boys in our batch who took you to the doctor spending from his pocket money, when you were sick! Do you remember? I remember all of them and yes they proved the newspapers wrong yet again giving me hope to see and think … Well! the world isn’t that bad!


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