1. Bella Donna!

“Hi! I’m Izabelle, you can call me Bella.” She introduced herself. Mesmerizing eyes and shoulder length hair that curls like waves of an ocean of darkness, with high tides that steal your sight for a moment from that beautiful eyes – that’s all I remember. She has something… indeed she’s something!

“MIKE… MIKE!”, any plans to take a break from your daydreaming job?

“Oh, Shivi! I totally lost it. Sorry!” I told her. But, I don’t think it moved her a bit. Why would it? Of all the lies I told her.

“Not another lie, please!”, Shivi reprimanded. “I’m already getting late, why don’t you help me pack my lunch?”, Hmm… Do I have an option?

Shivi and I were married for a year and divorced for the past 7 years. In fact, we have known each other more as friends than as a couple. Staying together, not because we can’t miss each other but because we invested all our savings on this house yet, we live different lives. She works in the day and I work at nights so not much of friction. Not everyone knows that we are divorced other than a few of our close friends, we don’t see any need. The strange fact is that divorce got us closer. My parents stay in a different place and Shivi just has a brother who stays a few thousand miles away from where we stay.

Here’s your lunch Shivi! And it’s time you start taking care of your health.

“No time for this, will talk to you later and remember? It’s our weekend together and it’s your turn to plan the evening. So, you better make it up for the last weekend you messed up!”.  OK, Boss!


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