2. Buy me a drink!

The door knock woke me up, I dragged myself out of the bed with a heavy headache cursing myself for drinking too much. “Mikey… It’s me, open the door! How many times I told you not to put the latch on?” Um… sorry, Shivi! I’m down with a headache. “Whatever! I have no time for your excuses.” Shivi responded. “Get ready, it’s Andy’s wedding today, I’m sure he doesn’t want his best man to be late”, she smiled as she said. A cute curve on Shivi’s face, after a long time. Precisely, we met during one of Andy’s parties and got hitched in a whirlwind wedding followed by a quick divorce. I’m dressed in my dark blue tux and Shivi in a peach-colored shift dress with a string of pearls in her neck and yes, I didn’t miss to notice the wedding band on her hand. “Let’s go?” She said and we started immediately.

“I’m Michael, and you can call me Mike!” I told her, yet not able to take my eyes off her neck that has silver string holding a heart-shaped sapphire pendant. “Ok, Mike! How about buying me a drink?” “A drink?” I said.

“A COUPLE of drinks… maybe?”

“Um…Izabelle! I’d be a stupid if I say no…

“Mm… Call me Bella!”


Of course BELLA, a COUPLE of drinks please…” I turned towards the bartender and placed the order. It’s all like a dream.

“A Martini please!”


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