3. A martini please!

“A Martini please!”

“Martini please?” Shivi demanded the bartender. Oops! Was I lost it again?  

Andy and I know each other for quite some time. He indeed is one of the reasons I met Shivi. We graduated from the same college, we’d gone for a lot of parties together and did many a thing together. And at last! He’s getting hitched to Daisy. Their relationship is the most unstable of all our relationships, I should say I’m green with jealousy.

Meanwhile, Shivi and I were talking about social media, and it’s influence on today’s relationships and a news caught her attention. “Mike! See this… there’s an incident that happened in the bar near our place and the bartender was killed. ‘Impossible!’ I said I know him from the time we shifted there. It’s the only bar in the vicinity. He’s a sweet guy, he lives… um.. lived with his boyfriend there… Um… I think Ron… Ron is his name.

“Now the Bride and the Groom may kiss!” that statement brought us back to our senses.


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