4. Kill him, Mike!

“Kill him, Mike! KILL him” her voice echoed in that empty bar. BOOM… there’s a flash and my hands and legs froze for that moment. By the time I realized, all I could see was a dagger in my left hand and my bloodshed right hand. I saw her laughing out loud and telling me, “Mikey darling! You did it… I’m so proud of you boy!”

“C’mon! Mike let’s go and take a picture with the Man and his adorable wife”, Shivi pulled me by my hand. I hoped that moment stays forever. Everyone still doesn’t understand the relationship we have, I’d rather say we had. It would be an exaggeration if I say that we are strangers under the same roof. Shivi was breathtakingly beautiful on our first date, she was sexy, witty and fun to be with. After so many years of togetherness I can confidently say that aging has gotten her more beautiful, graceful and elegant. She’s so graceful when she walks briskly wearing her favorite wedges that grabs attention of any indifferent soul. No wonder I’ve thanked God a zillion times when she agreed to stay with me in spite of everything that has happened between us.

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