5. It’s just us!

We stayed at the venue for three more hours and we headed home, rather the house where we stay. As she drove the car, we passed by the Nut café, with a tag line, we drive you nuts! It’s a simple and well lit bistro with sea green and white themed décor. I met her for the first time there 8 years ago. She’s nothing less than an angel. It indeed was a set up blind date. We spoke for five hours continuously and surprisingly it’s the same place where we decided we shall part ways.

I insisted that we shall stop by the café for a while. I know she wanted to refuse, but she couldn’t so, she drove us back to the café. We ordered our favorite Irish coffee with a dark chocolate donut. After so many years, I know what she likes and what she doesn’t, yet, I only wish I had known it 7 years before. The beauty of separation yet staying together is that you can openly converse with your ex on any random topic without invoking jealousy. She was talking about a friend of hers who she is dating at the moment, James. He stays in the same locality with his three year old son, Bob. They met during the weekend work out sessions and recently he proposed to her for marriage. I congratulated her when she broke the news to me. I know , that also means that she will move out of the house by the end of this year. So, it’s just us left in the house, Bella and me!


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