Being ME!

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself – Coco Chanel

Sometimes, being YOU is the hardest decision anyone can make in their lifetime. Needless to say that since childhood we have been taught to please others. Being nice to others in spite of what we have in mind is all what we were told by our parents, friends and even colleagues.

In most cases we dress up well, eat well, workout well not because we need it but because someone else is doing it and we have that psychological need to be admired by people (who we don’t even know or even meet in our lifetimes).  We rent a better house, we try to accommodate a better lifestyle just to fuel our desire to be appreciated.

‘I love black coffee’, tells a friend who hates it.

‘I love to eat outside most of the time’, tells a friend who prefers home food.

‘I enjoy rap’, tells a friend who always loved folk music.

‘Marriage is fun’, tells a friend who was forcibly gotten into marriage when she was not ready for it.

Do you think we still have to live our lives to honor our parents or our religion or our country? 

Today, I decided to break the barriers for once! What about YOU?



One thought on “Being ME!

  1. Live life to fullest potential based on ur experience, situations and ability of thinking.. Rest of the worldly things and people will exists depending on your attention

    Bwt will said☺️

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