Relationship Detox

Your task is not to seek love, but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it – Rumi

“Thank God”, I thanked the God when I got to know that my ex-boss left the organization.

“Good riddance!” I told myself when I heard that a colleague of mine has put down papers. 

“Phew!” when my so called friend left our Whatsapp group.

Well, those were three simultaneous incidents that made my days in the last week. An inner voice questioned me, ‘You idiot! why are you so happy when people are leaving?’ and after a thorough drill down of my mind and heart, this is what I felt.

The ex-boss, who had left the organization, is a complicated person who drained me emotionally by prying into my life, making me feel anxious or agitated for the things I’ve done/not done, because of the reasons unknown.

The colleague, who has put down the papers, helped me realize that not all we see is true and right. From the time I know her, all I remember is the way she used to crib and complain about everything. Often, I used to wonder why do people have problem with everything on earth. And yes, because of the time I had spent with her I had become a big cry baby. Of course, didn’t take much time to realize.

The friend who left the Whatsapp group, is one such friendships, where only we invest our time, money, emotions and energy whereas, you will not see anything from the other party as well as you cannot expect anything from them because, they need us, but when we need them, they always have some or the other personal engagement or a meeting or a big problem.

All the three individuals had one thing in common; everyone of them in one or other instance made my life difficult in a couple of situations. Be it work or home, we all need some relationships which make our lives better and help us progress in our lives, but not those relationships that imprison us and keep us bound forever! 


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