My take on motivational books!

I have always been an avid reader of books of various genres. Thanks to my father and mother, because of whom I’ve developed an affinity towards books. All these years, I’ve tried quite a number of genres except the motivational books. I still get the involuntary frown on my face the moment someone suggests that I should read such books. I always thought, I was too young to read such books. If I look back, I understand that it’s nothing but the fear I’ve developed towards such books, often ruling them out. Times have changed and so is my outlook and here’s an excerpt on what I learned from such books:

  1. Plan before you proceed: I’ve always been an impulsive person and I never used to go by plans. I neither planned nor believed in such process. But, after reading some of those books, I’ve understood how important planning is in our lives. Be it personal or professional. Surely, the moment you put down something to do on that sheet of paper, you already feel it’s almost done.
  2. Spread the positivity: From the moment I’ve taken up such readings people around started noticing the optimism I’ve developed. My days are amazing and my nights are peaceful. These books certainly have a magic wand that transforms our lives just by reading it. I’d not be surprised when someone says ‘It’s all in the mind’.
  3. Personal & professional progress: We all need that one friend/partner who believes in us and tells us we can do. Though we know we are capable of achieving things, another person believing in us makes it worth taking the risk. There you go! We will see the magic working.
  4. Set new goals: One thing that I’ve started doing is to set short-term goals that not only give me the happiness of success but also help me to keep a track of my progress.
  5. You wouldn’t want to give up: Last but not the least, it gets us into a habit of succeeding which we would never want to give up.

Well… that’s my take away! What’s yours? Don’t forget to comment…


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