Pad man(ia)

pad-man-696x364Well! As the first step, I decided to try my hand at reviewing movies and the whole Universe conspired to help me do that. Here’s my opinion on a Bollywood movie Padman. I got a chance to book a ticket on the day of it’s release itself. It’s based on the story of a person called Arunachalam Muruganantham – the man who decided to make sanitary pads to reduce the plight of his wife as periods are always considered as a taboo in the village he hails from. The overall concept is great and despite discussion of ‘mensuration’ is a taboo in Indian society, the movie quite moved many hearts. The most important part of it is the way they promoted the movie and the story line that was woven perfectly, I should say that the movie did create the desired impact. The whole insta challenge with a hashtag #thepadmanchallenge was taken up by many celebrities who posed with a sanitary pad in their hand advocating ‘periods are natural and there’s nothing to be ashamed of’ has stirred the insta world. However, I felt at some places the story was rushed and yet it’s a good watch for sure. The movie made millions of Indians to talk about ‘mensuration’/periods/chums. The cast did justice to their roles and it’s a 4/5 from my end.



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