THAT woman!

Why can’t everyone be the same all the time? Exactly that’s the question I’ve on my mind at this moment.

I wonder if it’s the woman in me questioning. I can get angry in a jiffy, happy in a moment, I can be nagging, irrational, irritating and ruthless specially during my THAT time of the month, to the people I’m close with. It’s my birth right and no one can take away this from me.

But, yes I do forget THAT Newton’s second? Umm Third? Or whatever law that says ‘Every action has a equal and opposite reaction’. Obviously, people do give back to me the moment I say some nonsense. But yes, I’m THAT woman who forgets that people just behaved the way I behaved towards them. It’s a reciprocated nonsense of what I got on to myself. And yes I’m THAT woman who forgets and still feels that the other person is bad and expect an apology from the other person. I’m THAT woman who thinks that no one else has problems in the world except ME! I’m THAT woman who doesn’t like the Newton’s whatever law!



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