What should he do?

Once upon a time there was a mighty merchant named Meru. He was young, vibrant and intelligent. I should say an eligible bachelor in that town. His acumen jus amazed people and his knowledge has no boundaries. The best part is he could strike a conversation with anyone on any subject. Meru’s parents were not well off but all they did was to imbibe positivity in their cute little hut. Meru grew up seeing all the odds and from rags to riches. As the time passed Meru’s parents arranged his wedding and he got married to his cousin Vishu. Just when he thought things were going to get better, it took him no time to see his dreams were shattered. Vishu turned out to be a sulking young woman all the time. All she did was to discourage him with her words, she was never a happy soul. Meru tried everything to make her happy. He took her to places, he gave expensive gifts and never refused anything she’s asked for; yet she had this empty space in her heart which she felt bad about. She had soon become an ambassador of negativity. No one were interested to talk to her as she was always cribbing, complaining and mulling over the past. Neighbors abandoned her and so did her friends.

What should Meru do?

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