Story Corner

1.Bella Donna

“Hi! I’m Izabelle, you can call me Bella.” She introduced herself. Mesmerizing eyes and shoulder length hair that curls like waves of an ocean of darkness, with high tides that steal your sight for a moment from that beautiful eyes – that’s all I remember. She has something… indeed she’s something!

“MIKE… MIKE!”, any plans to take a break from your daydreaming job?

“Oh, Shivi! I totally lost it. Sorry!” I told her. But, I don’t think it moved her a bit. Why would it? Of all the lies I told her.

“Not another lie, please!”, Shivi reprimanded. “I’m already getting late, why don’t you help me pack my lunch?”, Hmm… Do I have an option?

Shivi and I were married for a year and divorced for the past 7 years. In fact, we have known each other more as friends than as a couple. Staying together, not because we can’t miss each other but because we invested all our savings on this house yet, we live different lives. She works in the day and I work at nights so not much of friction. Not everyone knows that we are divorced other than a few of our close friends, we don’t see any need. The strange fact is that divorce got us closer. My parents stay in a different place and Shivi just has a brother who stays a few thousand miles away from where we stay.

Here’s your lunch Shivi! And it’s time you start taking care of your health.

“No time for this, will talk to you later and remember? It’s our weekend together and it’s your turn to plan the evening. So, you better make it up for the last weekend you messed up!”.  OK, Boss!


2. Buy Me a Drink!

The door knock woke me up, I dragged myself out of the bed with a heavy headache cursing myself for drinking too much. “Mikey… It’s me, open the door! How many times I told you not to put the latch on?” Um… sorry, Shivi! I’m down with a headache. “Whatever! I have no time for your excuses.” Shivi responded. “Get ready, it’s Andy’s wedding today, I’m sure he doesn’t want his best man to be late”, she smiled as she said. A cute curve on Shivi’s face, after a long time. Precisely, we met during one of Andy’s parties and got hitched in a whirlwind wedding followed by a quick divorce. I’m dressed in my dark blue tux and Shivi in a peach-colored shift dress with a string of pearls in her neck and yes, I didn’t miss to notice the wedding band on her hand. “Let’s go?” She said and we started immediately.

“I’m Michael, and you can call me Mike!” I told her, yet not able to take my eyes off her neck that has silver string holding a heart-shaped sapphire pendant. “Ok, Mike! How about buying me a drink?” “A drink?” I said.

“A COUPLE of drinks… maybe?”

“Um…Izabelle! I’d be a stupid if I say no…

“Mm… Call me Bella!”

Of course BELLA, a COUPLE of drinks please…” I turned towards the bartender and placed the order. It’s all like a dream.

“A Martini please!”


3. A Martini Please!

“A Martini please!”

“Martini please?” Shivi demanded the bartender. Oops! Was I lost it again?  

Andy and I know each other for quite some time. He indeed is one of the reasons I met Shivi. We graduated from the same college, we’d gone for a lot of parties together and did many a thing together. And at last! He’s getting hitched to Daisy. Their relationship is the most unstable of all our relationships, I should say I’m green with jealousy.

Meanwhile, Shivi and I were talking about social media, and it’s influence on today’s relationships and a news caught her attention. “Mike! See this… there’s an incident that happened in the bar near our place and the bartender was killed. ‘Impossible!’ I said I know him from the time we shifted there. It’s the only bar in the vicinity. He’s a sweet guy, he lives… um.. lived with his boyfriend there… Um… I think Ron… Ron is his name.

“Now the Bride and the Groom may kiss!” that statement brought us back to our senses.


4. Kill him, Mike!

“Kill him, Mike! KILL him” her voice echoed in that empty bar. BOOM… there’s a flash and my hands and legs froze for that moment. By the time I realized, all I could see was a dagger in my left hand and my bloodshed right hand. I saw her laughing out loud and telling me, “Mikey darling! You did it… I’m so proud of you boy!”

“C’mon! Mike let’s go and take a picture with the Man and his adorable wife”, Shivi pulled me by my hand. I hoped that moment stays forever. Everyone still doesn’t understand the relationship we have, I’d rather say we had. It would be an exaggeration if I say that we are strangers under the same roof. Shivi was breathtakingly beautiful on our first date, she was sexy, witty and fun to be with. After so many years of togetherness I can confidently say that aging has gotten her more beautiful, graceful and elegant. She’s so graceful when she walks briskly wearing her favorite wedges that grabs attention of any indifferent soul. No wonder I’ve thanked God a zillion times when she agreed to stay with me in spite of everything that has happened between us.

5. It’s just us!

We stayed at the venue for three more hours and we headed home, rather the house where we stay. As she drove the car, we passed by the Nut café, with a tag line, we drive you nuts! It’s a simple and well lit bistro with sea green and white themed décor. I met her for the first time there 8 years ago. She’s nothing less than an angel. It indeed was a set up blind date. We spoke for five hours continuously and surprisingly it’s the same place where we decided we shall part ways.

I insisted that we shall stop by the café for a while. I know she wanted to refuse, but she couldn’t so, she drove us back to the café. We ordered our favorite Irish coffee with a dark chocolate donut. After so many years, I know what she likes and what she doesn’t, yet, I only wish I had known it 7 years before. The beauty of separation yet staying together is that you can openly converse with your ex on any random topic without invoking jealousy. She was talking about a friend of hers who she is dating at the moment, James. He stays in the same locality with his three year old son, Bob. They met during the weekend work out sessions and recently he proposed to her for marriage. I congratulated her when she broke the news to me. I know , that also means that she will move out of the house by the end of this year. So, it’s just us left in the house, Bella and me!


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