6. The big list

As I approach my 30, I wanted to make some changes in many things. Not that I haven't changed over years, yet, there's nothing wrong in aiming to see a better YOU. Hope you will agree with me. I decided to make a list of things I want to learn/change/adapt in myself and I would [...]

4.Back to basics

Well its my first trial to be fit, apparently I'm not an obese looking person, I would say I'm plump and like majority of people I have fat stacked in unwanted places , which can be covered, but..it got me into a situation "NOW or NEVER" so I decided that I should give a serious [...]

2. Unmasked..!

After so many years of incomplete trials to look fit and healthy , I still used to feel that the weighing machine is wrong , or its showing over weight ( lol surprisingly the thought of underweight never clicked in my biased mind). Everytime I see a friend or an acquaintance I get to hear, [...]

1: Weight attack

Yes..Absolutely..weight attack it iz, never realized till I struggled fitting into my favorite dress. Lemme give some background to it, I remember the days I was as thin as a stick, when I was in school, the days where mom had to reach to the last loop of my skirt and still it would be [...]